In Search of Ethical Leadership

Includes Business Ethics of J. R. D. Tata

Year First Published: 1986
“We seem to live at a time of first class problems and second class leadership.”

“The concept of leadership may vary from one person to the next. My own concept of leadership was turned round one January morning, reading about Jesus washing the feet of the disciples after the Last Supper. It was a story I had read often but that winter morning it suddenly came alive, ‘Is this my concept of leadership?’ I asked myself. My mind flashed back to a visit to Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashram at Sevagram in Central India. There, in an outhouse built with straw matting, the leader of India’s freedom struggle bathed a leper every morning. So revolutionary and challenging was the concept of leadership portrayed by Jesus and Gandhi that it launched me upon a search for leadership.”

There are two distinctive characteristics about this book, one, where most books cover leadership under the name of the leader this book takes a wide sweep over 13 themes that cover leadership qualities.

The themes covered are:

Communication: Awakening the Hidden Will

Compassion: Beyond Pity

Competence: Difference Between

Courage: “Grace Under Pressure”

Decision-Making: Judgement can be Developed, Not Acquired.

Humility: A Recipe for Success or Failure?

Integrity: Are Ends and Means Separable

Man-Management: Making Others Great

Purpose: “This One Thing I Do”

Stamina: Unremitted Effort Risks Health and Creativity

Teamwork: When Purpose Wakens, Teamwork Falters

Training: Teaching Ten Others

Vision: Beyond the Excitement of the Moment

Conclusion: The Need for a Reference Point

There is a profile of an Ideal Leader: Kim Beazley Sr. who spearheaded the movement for justice for the Australian Aborigines

Secondly, where other book deal with techniques of leadership this book is more concerned about the motivation of leaders. The author has taken liberally from the history and biographies in the shaping of this book.

The book first came out in 1986 launched by Field Marshal Manekshaw who said: “excellent book…. He has made a great study of this subject.”

Mr. J. R. D. Tata who presided, said: “The subject is fascinating…. And Russi Lala’s fresh approach had made it extremely interesting.”

It was brought in 2005 with an additional chapter on the “Business Ethics of J.R.D. Tata” and to the title “In Search of Leadership” the word “Ethical’ was added.


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