The Creation of Wealth

The Tatas from the 19th to the 21st Century

Year First Published: 1981

Foreword By J.R.D. Tata

Epilogue by Ratan N. Tata

The Creation of Wealth was on the bestseller list for six months.  It captures the thrill of the creation of Tatas and its various companies, goes on to its ripple effects on health, social science, etc. , and then explores how Tatas function.

Published for over 30 years in many languages, including Japanese, it has come out in different editions and the last one has a foreword by J.R.D. Tata and then an Epilogue by Ratan Tata.  In the Epilogue Rata Tata says that he has maintained the ethical objectives of the Founder, Jamsestji Tata and his mentor J.R.D. Tata and he hopes that the high standards of integrity will continue.  “I would hope that my successors will never compromise and turn to soft opions to meet their ends and never allow the Tata group to join the growing number of companies in India which has shed their values…… I hope that the future generation in Tatas will recognize this traditions as being critical to the fabric and fundamentals on which our group was built and grew so successfully for over a century.”

Some Comments:

The Commonwealth Lawyer, Journal of the Commonwealth Lawyer’s Association, writes:

“Lala captures the ethos of the Tata business approach with striking vividity.  What emerges from the book is a remarkable story of wealth creation for the public which, in our increasingly cynical stage, might yet open a few eyes to the highly beneficial potential of ethical capitalism.”

Financial Express:

“The book stands out like a jewel in more ways than one…. A writer of the caliber of R. M. Lala invests the entire narrative with simplicity, dignity and elegance.”

Economic Times:

“He has flaire.  He has facts. He writes with feeling.”

The Times of India:

“Felicitously done…. the book is a very welcome corrective to the many fantasies which tend to proliferate around an enterprise that has so much been a part of country’s industrial scene…..  Mario astonishes and delights with his illustrations.”


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