The Thread of God in My Life

An Autobiography with a difference Foreword By Fali S. Nariman

Year First Published: 2009


In launching this book Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam says:

“When I read the book I found that the book is a book of books. Why I am saying that, because you feel every page is scholarly and touches the heart. Many authors appear in the book; many poets appear in the book; many scriptures appear in the book.”

“Every page of the book of Russi Lala indeed breathes the spirit of faith, self confidence and hope……The book continuously shines. It is shining because The Thread of God has always kept Russi Lala connected in all his missions of writing. I read the full book in one night. It has so much of compassion, so much of heroism, so much of scholarly writing. I have read many books, many poems, many scriptures but after reading this book completely, the message I got was how to treat the problem, how to defeat the problem and succeed. Beautiful writing.”

The Foreword by Fali Nariman says:

“”Russi has led a charmed life and has taken lightly his physical (and at times his emotional) maladies. Knowing him as I do and having cherished his almost life long friendship (believe me, we have never once quarreled); I can truly say that he reminds me of G. K. Chesterton’s quip as to why angels can fly: ‘Angles can fly’ GKC once said, ‘because they take themselves lightly’. Russi takes himself lightly. The pretentious and the pompous is not for him.”


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